Halloween from my closet post 4

This is the fourth costume in my "Halloween from my closet" looks (which, incase you haven't seen the past three posts and you're completely lost) is basically showing others how you can create Halloween costumes for free from your closet. instead of paying a fortune for a new one! I am  Alice from Alice in Wonderland this time. This dress I had from last year, and I paired it with my brothers old school shirt which was made into a white apron, the black flats are actually my mothers and my headband a belt made into a headband! 

October Book Suggestions

So this is a new thing im going to be doing, and that's suggesting books for the month ahead! not book reviews per-say, but I read about three books a month...so figured I'd better put my obsessive love for literature to good use!Since I read three I thought I'd recommend three...made sense!  

Book #1
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer 
By Michelle Hodkin

With it almost being the month of all hallows eve, I thought this would be the perfect #1 suggestion. Its creepy, no scratch that its actually VERY creepy, but also incredibly entertaining with a beautiful love story. I read this book this time last year and couldn't put it down, I read it in about three days! (the best part is that it's also a trilogy, so if you can't get enough there's two more novels to absolutely adore). If you are a fan of the supernatural and favorite "OTP's" (don't judge me for the use of that phrase please..seriously don't, I can feel you judging me from your screen) then this book is for you! I rate it 10/10...I will rate all books I recommend 10/10 actually.

Book #2
A Court of Thorns and Roses
By Sarah J. Maas 
Without trying to sound dramatic, this novel is seriously beautiful! everything about it was so romantic and dark. It is described as a Beauty and the Beast type story line, which is what originally enticed me to read it (as I am a sucker for Disney) but it turned out to be so much more than Beauty and the Beast, it was the most gorgeous and elegantly written fairy tale I have ever read! It also fought modern day issues of prejudice, and the main character has such an admirable sense of self, I feel like its inspiring for a woman to read, as many books don't have such strong independent woman as main characters. Its mainly romance, but its swoon worthy and beautiful, it is also fantasy...so if you love an amazing love story and fairy tales this is very much for you!

Book #3
Red Queen 

This book is also very beautiful, and also tackles modern day issues of prejudice AND ALSO has a really inspiring independent woman as the main character (it also has other amazing woman but I don't want to ruin much for you). I literally couldn't put this novel down, its so wonderfully entertaining (not to mention it has a really interesting twist at the end) it struck me as a type of Dystopian meets Fairy Tale type story, the story line is wonderfully unique and written so well that you'll fan in love with almost all characters (although I urge the word "almost"). Its just so clever and unique, I promise you that you'll never read anything like it (in the best way possible).

Why we need to talk about AmyPoehler's SmartGirls

"Changing the world by being yourself" is the motto for this really empowering and inspiring campaign! I first heard of Smart Girls the other day when watching their live stream of interviews at the Emmy's, they had asked other "Smart Girls" or simply: their followers to send in questions for the celebs attending the red carpet, so that they may get asked better and more interesting questions than "what are you wearing?!" an awesome idea if I do say so myself, my only regret about it is that I wish I knew about Smart Girls sooner! 

On their web page it reads: 
Founded by artist Amy Poehler and producer Meredith Walker, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls organization is dedicated to helping young people cultivate their authentic selves. We emphasize intelligence and imagination over “fitting in.” We celebrate curiosity over gossip. We are a place where people can truly be their weird and wonderful selves. We are funny first, and informative second, hosting the party you want to attend.

So basically, they want to empower and inspire others to embrace themselves and be who they truly are with no regrets while also being informative over humanitarian issues so we all can better the world, while also just informing us on general cool information and book reviews (that's what I get from it anyway) BASICALLY this is my new favorite site, its like they knew everything I was passionate about and put it all on one webpage.
I consider myself a Smart Girl and you should also!! (this includes you too boys) you can find Smart Girls:
  • webpage: http://amysmartgirls.com/
  • twitter: @smrtgrls

Halloween from my closet post 3

Adding to my series of style posts as characters created from my own closet, I give you Sandy from Grease! Halloween can be so expensive, and I really cant afford to spend a load on an elaborate costume, so this is why im finding costumes from my own closet in hopes that I inspire others to do the same if they wish to have a cheaper Halloween!

This costume I feel so many girls will have! as it really only requires all black (a colour that never goes out of fashion). 

my top is from Miss Selfridge and disco pants from american apparel, my shoes are from Top Shop and my jacket is actually my boyfriends from river island! you can still get the disco pants but the rest are unfortunately out of stock!

Halloween from my closet post 2

In case you didn't see my last blogpost, im doing a series of style posts as characters created from my own closet! Halloween can be pricey, and I personally cant afford to spend a ton on a costume, hence why im finding costumes from my own closet in hopes that I inspire others todo the same if they wish to have a cheaper Halloween!

This post is none other than Wednesday Addams, I've always loved this character from my childhood, a bit on the darker side but its All Hallows Eve!!

My top is a TopShop number, as is my shoes although I got them about a year ago so im not entirely sure if they are still in stock! same as my skirt, its from MissSelfridge, bought in the sale for New Years last year! I took these photos at an abandoned Asylum near where I live, Im obsessed with abandoned buildings and the history within them! this place was so absolutely awesome (and a little spooky).

Halloween from my closet post 1

With the holidays speedily creeping up, I thought about how expensive Halloween can be, some outfits cost up to £200 and me being a broke student, I can't afford it! with this in mind, I was inspired to create a series of posts entitled "Halloween from my closet" where I'll raid my closet for a series of costumes and post looks in them. I hope I inspire those in the same situation to do the same, you'll be so surprised HOW many costumes you actually have just sitting about! and you never know...you may even find that a certain Character has inspired your own style without you realizing!

The first costume I found was none other than Cher Horowitz, the like totally amazing 90's fashion icon :p I absolutely love her, and I was pleasantly surprised I had this outfit stored away!

 The skirt was a buy from Missguided last winter, so im not entirely sure if you can still buy it online, however, the two tops are from Hollister and both still (that I know of) in stock. The socks are American Apparel and the heels my mothers (sorry guys, I know you love the vintage cat heels), the bag was a buy from Nasty Gal last winter also.

The Refugee Crisis and what you can do to help

I feel like not too many young people are very aware of the Refugee Crisis happening here in Europe, and how anyone from around the world can help these refugee's in more ways than is realized.

These people are fleeing for their lives, and by doing so they are risking their own lives in the hopes of safety and shelter elsewhere. Men, Woman, and Children are dying in horrific ways as they feel as if their own homes aren't safe enough to inhabit anymore. When hearing about this crisis, my heart went out to them...here I am with a roof over my head, warmth, food, water while these people suffer daily trying to get from Syria to Germany, and many other countries within Europe by dangerous means with no guaranteed shelter, little to no food and water, I wondered if and how I could help, and I figured i'd share with my blog readers in the hopes that everyone reading this will help out also:

You can start by following @Refugees which is the official UN Refugee Agency twitter for updates and information regarding the crisis across Europe. The rest I found within an article written by the independent:

  • Visit Rescue.org & Rescue.org/volunteer, which is a US based charity which has opportunities to volunteer internationally and helps refugees find jobs.
  • Visit Secure.avaaz.org/en/uk_refugees_volunteer_thank_you_3/ which is a scheme which also has opportunities to volunteer time and resources. 
  • Visit Crowdfunding.justgiving.com/bethany-ogle-2 which is raising £20,000 to bring refugee children books, toys, and warm clothes.
You can also make donations to:

  • Savethechildren.org.uk
  • redcross.ork.uk
  • refugee-action.ork.uk
  • donate.unhcr.org
Which all help, in many ways, to aid refugees: men,woman,and children.

If you want more information regarding the crisis, John Green recently posted a really informative video which states everything 100x better than I could: